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It is possible to donate via wire transfer:

BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT NAME: Fondazione Andrea Bocelli

IBAN CODE: IT53K0523271030000010016699
BANK: Banca Popolare di Lajatico - Agenzia di Lajatico, via Guelfi 2 Lajatico (Pisa) Italy



Give a loving gesture to support the ABF Educational Projects in Italy, also dedicated to the Ukrainian families and children welcomed by the network of communities of the Foundation in Muccia.

The goal is to restore a dignified life to the refugee families by giving them a safe environment and access to education and social support so they can begin again.

Every donation will go towards supporting these educational initiatives, expenses for cultural and linguistic mediation and guaranteeing the presence of an emergency psychologist on site. What’s more, your invaluable donation will allow children access to ABF’s educational projects!




Irina used to work in Chernihiv, a city in northern Ukraine, in the clerk's office at the Court of Law for a judge who was shot dead in front of her eyes.

She decided to leave her home and flee with her 4 children and husband in search of a safe place.

Today Irina is taking Italian culture and language courses, assisted by psychological support and ABF’s multidisciplinary team. Her children regularly attend classes at the “E. De Amicis” School Complex in Muccia, after undergoing a 3-week workshop-based educational pathway of acclimatization and socialization.

“We are grateful that we’ve arrived in Muccia.

They put a roof over our heads, gave us food and gave our children the opportunity to attend school from the very beginning”.




Julia left her mother, husband and nephews in Dnipro.   

“In Krakow, the coordinator informed us that we had the option of fleeing to Italy. We made the decision in less than 10 minutes, with the hope that we would be in good hands. And that’s what happened. They warmly welcomed us with great humanity here in Muccia.

Today Muccia has become a second home for us.”




Tatiana escaped from Dnipro.

“I left everything. Absolutely everything. My family, friends, my home, my life. I arrived in Muccia with my daughter. The people here have been very welcoming”.